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Ministry Growth Through Email Best Practices: Explore critical and relevant principles from the for-profit world to make email communications programs more effective for your ministry. Email can advance your organization's goals like few other programs. Understand the hurdles and challenges inherent in email communications to dramatically increase effectiveness in attracting and retaining donors. Participants will gain knowledge of 1) best layouts, day/time to send, service providers, and more 2) understanding of the difficulties of getting your email seen correctly across all email programs, and 3) how to get emails opened and read.
Mike Atkinson, Principal, uneekNet

IMPORTANT: I inadvertently left out one best practice that is very important and it has to do with the width of your emails. Most email marketers keep them between 500-600 pixels wide. At our company we use 600 pixels and it seems to work fine. Much past that width and it'll spill over off the right of a vertical preview pane.

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CAN-SPAM Update: Have You Complied With the New Rules Yet?

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Don't Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability by Steve Krug: The best book on website development...hands down. Get this for anyone in your organization who has control or influence on your website. An easy, fun read!