Website Remedies

From Dr. uneek
No, I'm not a real medical doctor, but I play one on the Internet...every day...guiding organizations toward robust online health. And, yes, I make house calls.
Mike Atkinson, president/founder

We find that many folks have a hard time understanding what we do. So, in an effort to help you grasp the breadth of services we offer, let's look to a medical metaphor related to your website and email projects.

You need to give birth to a new website or email project.

Illness Treatment
You may or may not know what's sick—either way, you don't know the reason or the remedy.

Surgery (minor to major)
Your Internet initiative requires damage repair or the restoration of wellness.

Plastic Surgery
Maybe your site is organized well, but it needs a face-lift.

Physical Exam
You need a thorough examination by an outsider to bring new perspectives and ideas to help ward off disease.

All of this is designed to lead you to a new level of wholeness, while maintaining your dignity. (No hospital gowns allowed!)

Disclaimer: Please don't interpret all this to mean we only work with medical sites. We work with all kinds of organizations!

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