What Our Customers Say About Us

Hume Lake Christian Camps team

Working with Mike was not only fun, he far exceeded our own goals--stretching, and challenging us to see even ourselves differently. We were already doing really well with our website, but Mike helped us a reach toward excellence. Every week I get comments about how "cool" and useful the site has become. From a director's standpoint, one is always nervous when someone from the outside comes in to critique any aspect of your operation. But, with Mike, he didn't come in and rip us apart. He was able to point out our strengths and the areas where improvements would be the most effective. He has a great heart for ministry and seeing that we become even more effective at reaching the youth of America. And, he is just a cool guy.
- Jeff Lilley, Executive Director, Hume Lake Christian Camps

After months of development, our website development team met with Mike to discuss possible final improvements before unveiling a new, improved site. His suggestions were so good that we postponed the release in order to completely rework various navigation and content areas. Mike knew things we just didn't know, and suggested changes that vastly improved the ideas we had brainstormed for months. His understanding of internet usability and web standards was invaluable to our reaching the next level and our goals for creating a website that integrates marketing, advertising, and ministry information.
- Josh Smith, Graphic Designer, Hume Lake Christian Camps

Mike's advice and specific recommendations have brought our site to an entirely new level. The most important thing we learned from our time with him was the importance of not making the visitor have to think. We are constantly adjusting our site so that we are the only ones who need to do the thinking.
- Lenny Harris, Development Manager, Hume Lake Christian Camps

After our consultation with Mike, I pondered how I managed to get by as a professional webmaster for the last 4 years. His expertise in web marketing, internet user behavior (as well as his overall common sense) helped us improve our website by leaps and bounds. Mike helped equip us with techniques and an overall mindset that has helped us market much more effectively on the web. I even changed my 5-month-old son's name to Mike out of sheer gratitude (and as partial payment).
- Nate Sees, Web Developer, Hume Lake Christian Camps