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Creative, thought-provoking, intelligent, connected with culture, and in touch with timeless truth. These are just some of the traits I celebrate and admire in Mike Atkinson. I recommend his services to you.
- Glen Aubrey, President/CEO, Creative Team Resources Group

I have had the privilege of seeing Mike in action for the past 10 years. His experience and abilities to strategize, lead, teach, implement, network, and market coupled with his heart for ministry make him an ideal consultant to help take you to new levels of achievement.
- J.R. Whitby, CEO, Gospel Communications International

For the past four years I have had the privilege and joy of working with Mike Atkinson on ministry-related projects. Mike is an excellent brainstormer! Mike has a way of being able to help define the task and then to come up with viable and practical alternatives to complete the task.
- Dr. Helen Eckmann, General Manager, National University Virtual High School

Mike has a rare combination of web architecture understanding and creative implementation ideas. And, maybe more important than his abilities, Mike is absolutely trustworthy. I highly recommend him to you.
- Mark Oestreicher, President, Youth Specialties

Mike will save you time and money, direct you wisely, and teach your whole organization about using the Internet wisely. Few people have tackled online communication more earnestly, with greater courage, and with a willingness to learn even in the face of truly unconventional wisdom. Many consultants merely borrow your watch to tell you what time it is. Mike shows you a better watch. Ask him what time it is in your organization.
- Dr. Quentin Schultze, Professor of Communication, Calvin College

Mike Atkinson is a pioneer in the Internet marketing industry. My experience with him dates back to one of the very first ecommerce stores to provide religious training materials over the web. His revolutionary ideas and concepts took that site, as well as many informational sites, and made them the huge successes that they are today. As a speaker and consultant, Mike Atkinson has provided advice to countless businesses and ministries in the U.S. and abroad. While everybody else was experimenting with the latest online fads, Mike Atkinson pushed forward with the concepts of usability, analysis, proven innovation, and ultimately, sales. Mike's experience and solid marketing foundation is the reason why I still look to him today for strategizing, brainstorming, and all around good advice.
- Tony D. Baker, President, Xeal Inc.

I've worked with Mike Atkinson for several years, and his understanding of the Internet and expertise in electronic communication made me look a lot better than I deserved. Thanks to his efforts we've been able to connect with our audience in effective ways. Plus, he's a lot of fun. And the most uneek guy I know.
- Marshall Shelley, editor, Leadership; Vice President, Christianity Today International

Mikey knows the web world. And that doesn't just mean that he's another dime-a-dozen web geek that knows HTML and Java. Mike understands what people want, and he knows how to get it to them. He was doing "permission marketing" and the "Ezine" newsletter before Yahoo's Seth Godin penned how to do it. More than that, Mike doesn't just know web ministry...he helped create it. Mike was using the web as a tool for ministry before most of us had an email address. He understands both ministry and the Internet. Few do.
- Jonathan McKee, President, TheSourceForYouthMinistry.com

Mike Atkinson's approach is friendly and festive. His experience in website development--from concept to code to completion--makes him a consultant you can count on!
- Scott Stegenga, Program Manager, Entertainment Publications Inc.

Mike Atkinson is flat out the most trustworthy person I know when it comes to figuring out how to use the Internet for ministry, and do it with integrity and excellence. As far as I'm concerned he has set the standard, raised the bar, and pioneered new ways for cool technology to serve faithful ministry.
- Dr. Dave Rahn, Vice President, Youth for Christ/USA Ministries & Director, Huntington College Link Institute

uneekNet provides the wise counsel so sorely needed in today's rapidly changing web environment. This is the help your organization needs to wade through the technology jungle and keep your website focused on your mission. Mike has the experience you need to develop an effective strategy for your web effort.
- Paul Kulp, PhD, Chief Information Officer, Web Services Group

When I think of the web, I don't think of Al Gore, I think of Mike Atkinson. When it comes to merging the possibilities of the information superhighway with the vision and purpose of ministry, Mike brings technology to life in the creativity and relevance of true mission. If the great commission were given in HTML, Mike would be the IT guy.
- Travis Reed, President, Highway Video

In this day and age, if you try to walk the communications and marketing tightrope without a good "net," you will die. Mike Atkinson can help you create or improve your Internet strategy and show you how use it to its fullest capacity. The same expertise that helped Youth Specialties massively develop their Internet capability is now available to you. I highly recommend Mike.
- Ken Davis, Award sinning author, Communications trainer, Comedian, Balloon artist, Geriatric Teenager

Many marketing and communications consultants have managed to translate some of their old-world thinking into ideas that work on the web. I'm not impressed. The Internet isn't just another way to do the same old things. It's a revolutionary medium, requiring and enabling fundamentally different ways of communicating. Atkinson is one of the few people out there who truly get what this means. And among the even fewer who can help you get it, too. If you're just looking to pour old content into a new medium, buy a scanner. But if you're serious about making your place on the Internet--about reaching into the homes and hearts of your constituents, to help them connect with you and each other and with our great God--well, that's when it's time to talk to Mike Atkinson.
- Todd Temple, president of MediaComplete, creator of MediaShout software

Listen up! Mike Atkinson knows ministry, and he's a man of great integrity. Let him wrap his mind and energy around the Internet problems that puzzle you and your ministry.
- Tony Jones, author, emergent fellow, YS speaker, Princeton Theological Seminary doctoral fellow

Mike Atkinson is one of those rare "know-it-all" types who really does know it ALL. When it comes to the most effective and strategic use of the Internet for business, ministry, or corporate communications, Mike is your guy. I have seen him in action at conferences when, late at night, after all the seminars are over and we're all supposed to be kicking back, everyone has just one more problem for Mike to solve. Over the laughter and refreshments, he tackles any and all comers--even his fellow know-it-alls. Along with his wealth of experience and knowledge, he has amassed a network of colleagues to get the job done and get it done well, once the all-important planning is in place. And if all that isn't enough, Mike is just a great guy. Easy-going, unflappable, and not just a little wacky to keep things light. I give him my 100 gigabyte rating.
- C. McNair Wilson, Imaginuity Unlimited, Author / Inventor / Creative Tsunami

YouthFront is a ministry that works with thousands of churches and tens of thousands of youth. Absolutely essential in working with youth today is "being there." You can't "be there" for youth today if you do not employ technology and maintain an effective web presence. With the wrong technology and a substandard web presence, you can actually do more harm than good for the Kingdom. Mike Atkinson is a technology guru who has a passion for youth. He gets it. He understands what works. He knows what makes a difference. When Mike speaks I listen. You should too...
- Mike King, CEO, YouthFront

His knowledge about what makes the Internet tick and what makes its browsers happy is a rare combination. Unite that with a clear vision of what he wants to accomplish and a standard of excellence that makes his finished product enviable, and you've got a recipe for web success in Mike. But Mike also knows that doing the net well is a team effort; no one person can do it by himself. So to do the work he does at the level he does it, he has to communicate well and listen well to clients and team members. And he does. Mix that with his sense of humor, and you've got someone who not only can get the work done, but also someone you want to work with. That's rare, too.
- Perry Brown, Owner, Weaving the Web

Mike Atkinson knows the Internet--and he knows youth ministry. It is a terrific combination that will help you if you want to do the Internet right. If you want someone to help you get started or improve what you have, I can't think of a better friend in the techno world than Mike. His experience at YS has shown he can help you in your ministry.
- Tiger McLuen, President, Youth Leadership

Mike Atkinson combines years of ministry experience with business smarts and web expertise to provide a truly uneek array of services to the church and parachurch community. You will not be disappointed.
- Rich Van Pelt, National Director of Ministry Relationships, Compassion International

Marketing your ministry successfully--on the fluid medium the Internet is--has never been more challenging than it is today and competition to be heard will only intensify in the days to come. If you feel your message has to heard, then you must utilize a design and marketing professional like Mike Atkinson that knows the online scene inside out. I could recommend none better!
- John Gocke, Business and Marketing Manager, Cokesbury Books Youth Ministry Unit

Does the Internet serve your organization or consume it? Mike got it early--back in the days when people were saying, "Huh? The Internet?" Mike saw it as a tool that could serve ministry opportunities. He's been saying, "Wow! The Internet!" since 1995.
- June Dudley, former Internet Manager, Youth For Christ USA