What Our Customers Say About Us

Mike Atkinson does incredible work at very reasonable prices. I have been honored to have Mike's help and creativity in the past and will use him again in the future. Mike's reputation can be summed up in three words: Integrity, timeliness, and excellence.
- Casey Gwinn, former San Diego City Attorney

Mike Atkinson assists our nonprofit clients in designing Web sites that are user friendly and optimized to meet their business objectives. His expertise is invaluable, as he helps nonprofits make wise decisions, save money and generate excellent results. His precision and enthusiasm are appreciated by our clients.
- Mary A. Gross, Director, InfoTAP

Celebrate Your Marriage had quickly grown beyond the capabilities of our website. We had an idea of what we needed; Mike Atkinson surpassed those needs and provided a site that will continue to grow with us. Mike’s expertise is usability. Our customers tend to be Internet novices; Mike’s design layout, navigation, and knowledge of Internet standards guides our visitors to the information they need immediately.

As the manager of our site, I am downright giddy with the tool Mike provides to maintain and edit the content. This was an unexpected perk that is so user-friendly with immediate results on the site.

And, as a non-profit organization, we appreciate Mike’s sensitivity to budget concerns. We have had increased traffic, conference registrations and booking inquiries as a direct result of Mike's work. People are even finding us more quickly through search engines because of his knowledge and expertise.
- Diane Laffoon, Web Manager, Celebrate Your Marriage Conferences

Mike and his uneekNet team gave us a complete web makeover. They transformed our previously dull and boring web site into an attractive and useful tool that truly communicates who we are and what we do. And I was amazed by how quickly and effortlessly it all came together. Now we not only look good, but we're serving our customers and clients much more effectively.
- Wayne Rice, president/founder, Understanding Your Teenager

"uneekNet has done a fantastic job designing our website. Mike Atkinson was very accommodating in working with my specific ideas. He enhanced them and created a website that is professional and very appealing to the eye. uneekNet is always available to make changes and updates and does so with incredible promptness. We have had extremely positive results and feedback from our clients."
- Eric Winterhalder, President EDL Solutions, Inc

When I think of Mike Atkinson, I think character--responsible, reliable, honest, dependable, and disciplined. Mike helped guide my ministry as director and as board chairman through thick and thin for nearly twenty years. He continues to be my closest confidant because he is the one person who can translate my "wild hare" ideas into a plan of action with goals, objectives, and direction.
- Al Menconi, President, Al Menconi Ministries

Mike Atkinson has been helping me better understand and use the web for years. He puts tough concepts into common language and has given me great ideas to take our Internet business to a deeper level of professionalism. I would recommend his skills to anyone wanting a better website.
- Doug Fields, President, Simply Youth Ministry; author, Purpose Driven Youth Ministry

"Mike has done a marvelous website for us for 3 years now. His design eye and execution of same is first-rate. He has guided us through the process to arrive at a site that has all the key information necessary, but not more than needed. That is just one of many assets he brought to the project. And the end result has worked! Many of our golfers mention the site every year, and they always love seeing the photos we take of them and that Mike quickly gets on the site. Plus many of our sponsors have commented positively about the site and appreciate the links to their own sites."
- Joe Nemeth, Tournament Director, Stan Atkinson Golf Classic

Mike is a rare bird...a unique creature! His awesome blend of technical skills, natural gifts, and authentic personality make him the ideal partner when considering a major Internet initiative. His web experience and instinctive discernment, combined with compelling relational skills, make Mike a valued partner and trusted ally. It has always been a pleasure to work with Mike. Our Internet presence has been advanced and sharpened through his influence.
- Doug Tegner, Executive Director, National Network of Youth Ministries

In my years of working with Mike at Youth Specialties, partnering in ministry at our local church, and admiring his leadership on the Gospelcom.net board, I've seen firsthand how he can bring his experience, ministry heart, and great personality to bear to assist organizations of all kinds in maximizing the effectiveness of their Internet presence.
- Noel Becchetti, President, Center for Student Missions

CPR had a website before we had worked with Mikey, and we had even experienced a certain level of success with it. But we had a feeling that it could do more. One of the things that impressed me was that Mike asked questions we had never thought of, and made us think outside of the box. His creativity was obvious, and we really benefited from his experience. After our new site launched, we noticed the difference immediately. We were more than pleased with the design and layout, and we got ten times the traffic immediately. Updates have been no problem at all, and we still get comments on the site, even though it's been up and running for a few years. Overall, the experience was great, and I love the way that Mike weaves together his creativity, technical expertise, and his experience to make the web a functional tool for us.
- Pete Vandersluis, CPR Improv

I've known Mike since 1995, when we began serving together as part of 10 charter members of Gospelcom. Mike has the unique ability to understand the issues associated with Internet communication and how ministries can do it better. I served with Mike on the Gospelcom Advisory Council for many years and I appreciate the depth of his knowledge, experience, and heart for the Lord. He is a class act and raises the standards for online ministry.
- Dwight E. Anderson, Senior Internet Producer, International Bible Society

We sought Mike's advice because of his experience building and sustaining the Internet's best youth ministry website and mailing lists. Mike's broad experience helped us to clarify our web strategy and gave us sound advice on many technical implementation details. Mike is a walking encyclopedia of resources and tools that make building and maintaining successful websites simpler. From the local school shootings to the recent Billy Graham Youth Night (Velocity), San Diego's youth leadership has unanimously called upon Mike for Internet support for major events. And Mike has delivered!
- Frank Overton, San Diego Discovery Centers

Mike Atkinson has been supporting the Youthworker Journal website since its beginning. His creativity and customer orientation have contributed enormously to the success of our site. This man understands websites and how people use them!
- Rick Edwards, Executive Editor, Youthworker Journal

Mike Atkinson's expertise in the interview screening process was extremely helpful to us. Mike's insight and ability to sift through information was valuable in knowing if a future job candidate would succeed or not with us. We would definitely recommend his services.
- Mark A. Brown, Vice President of Marketing, American Tract Society

Mike Atkinson was a tremendous resource throughout DCLA 2003's web development process. In addition, Mike came in to be with our team and helped us assess and adjust our whole site. Mike brings a wealth of wisdom technically, but brings with that a well rounded knowledge of marketing, customer service, sales, and general management issues. He's the most well rounded techie I know! His wisdom and perspective has been a tremendous asset to our ministry. Plus, he's fun to work with! I highly recommend Mike's work, wisdom, technical proficiency, heart for ministry, and personal integrity.
- Mike Work, former Executive Director, DCLA 2003, Youth for Christ, USA