Book blog design & development

Zondervan is an international Christian communications company, based in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Zondervan's marketing department decided that an author blog would be a good companion for their upcoming book release called Everything You Want to Know About the Bible. We were contracted to create a custom blog, suited to the two authors, who had not blogged before.

We created a blog based on the book cover design, providing links to purchase

Say what?
"Our marketing challenge was simple: persuade 18- to 35-year-olds that Everything You Want to Know About The Bible is a great book worthy of reading and owning - and achieve this persuasion with a limited budget. Our Director of Internet Marketing at Zondervan mentioned Mike and the uneekNet team. In short, they delivered an excellent, highly creative, and affordable blog for the authors and their book. I highly recommend the professionals at uneekNet."
- Mike Cook, Associate Marketing Director