Christian Camp and Conference Association

Strategy & redesign consultation

Christian Camp and Conference Association (CCCA) is the largest of 18 autonomous associations on six continents. Most major denominations and church associations, as well as many nationally recognized youth and adult ministries, are represented in CCCA. About half of the some 1,000 member camps and centers are independent organizations.

CCCA brought Mike in to help them strategize future opportunities that would take advantage of the power of the Internet. He also conducted a comprehensive audit of their public and members websites, and helped them devise a practical timeline for implementation.

Say what?
"What a delight it was to spend nearly two days with Mike Atkinson as he guided our management team through intense dialogue about the Internet and our desire to communicate more effectively with our more than 8,000 members and the general public. I found Mike to be very skilled both in group process and understanding the many issues connected with the ever-changing world of electronic communications. He had the ability to draw out the best in the group; clarify and challenge thinking that was erroneous; and build a 'can do' attitude among our team. He combines solid technical and cutting edge thinking with an ability to communicate at various levels of understanding…obviously an experienced pro! I would highly recommend Mike as a consultant and/or contractor who is a difference-maker in producing the outcomes you desire."
- Bob Kobielush, President