Answers in Genesis

Email Consulting

Answers in Genesis is the largest organization focusing on creationism/young Earth issues.

AiG had many departments using email and felt the need to coordinate efforts and strategies. They brought Mike in for a one-day consultation with their key staff to discuss best practices, best technical solutions, and integration strategies for their email, web & offline efforts.

Say what?
"We’ve grown from less than 100 staff three years ago to about 300 today, and with quick growth came significant web and email challenges. The 'old' email policies and even the email system we had been using to send our two main opt-in communications to about 80,000 recipients each week fit our needs a couple years ago, but not today. And with the anticipated explosion in new contacts as we open the Creation Museum to more than a quarter million guests each year--plus new email publications needed to meet the needs and interest levels of those folks--we needed to get our divisions and departments informed quickly!

"I’ve known Mike Atkinson for several years and respect his ability to stay up to date on new and upcoming digital media trends plus his ability to effectively communicate all the important info at a variety of levels. Although he’s always got a fun spirit and quick quip ready for every opportunity, he’s also deeply serious about proper use of the technology. As a Christian, he wants to see that technology used to its best and highest purpose in the communication of the gospel, and frankly, he’s able to graciously challenge ingrained policies and processes in a way that management appreciates and truly benefits from. In our case, we had a very immediate need for consultation but due to the hectic schedules and travel commitments of our key managers we had a very small window of time into which we needed Mike to complete his research of our systems and then fly in to present and consult to our team. He was great, as expected, and the wisdom and practical ‘next steps’ he shared are in the process of being implemented!"
- Dale T. Mason, Vice President of Marketing & Media, Answers in Genesis