Mike & Brian's Pacific Adventure

Mike Atkinson attended the Tiger Cruise on the USS Peleliu,
the ship his son, LCPL Brian Atkinson USMC, had been deployed on for 6.5 months.
Mike met up with them in Honolulu on 2/28,
left on the ship on 3/2, and arrived on 3/9 in the home port of San Diego.
These are the many photos chronicling the adventure.

Part 1: Hawaii
(part 1a: Surfing @ Pipeline)
The 2.5 days before we left on the ship

Part 2: Ship Life
This is how they lived their lives on the ship for over 6 months

Part 3: Activities on the Ship
There were many activities and things to do for the Tigers and their sponsors

Part 4: The Other Ships
The other ships of the ESG-1

Part 5: Pretty Stuff
Life in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is so beautiful

Part 6: Homecoming on 3/8
Offloading the Marines just off the coast at Camp Pen

Part 7: Homecoming on 3/9
Pulling into port in San Diego Bay!

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