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More shifts for the media world

The movie studios have been reeling (ha) from a steady decrease in movie attendance over the last year or so. Of course, they’re trying to find answers. (Apparently, though, “your movies suck” doesn’t appear to be an acceptable answer.)

One of the reasons they’ve glommed on to is the results from a new study that found…

...that males ages 13 to 24 saw 24 percent fewer films in summer 2005 than in summer 2003, a year for which similar data were available. OTX’s research found that on average, the young men watched 47 movies on DVD or video this past summer, compared with 30 in summer 2003. The group also learned that video-game playing and Web surfing are increasing.

The Internet continues to put the traditional media conglomerates on their collective ears – proving how out of touch they are with Web 1.0, let alone Web 2.0.


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