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One of the most important changes in The Shift is the freeing up of content. Our websites have been silos, forcing access to content on one particular page on the entire Internet – on your site.

The tools of Web 2.0, like CSS and RSS, are helping to change this tunnel vision.

Jim Seybert over at Fool’s Box wrote an exceptional piece called “Knowledge is Over-rated”:

…the ingredients are there for the taking, so why waste energy locking them up? If you don’t share what you know, someone else will – and they’ll reap the benefit of building relationships while you’re building bunkers to protect something that isn’t worth much in the first place.

But will you free up ALL your content? ALL your insights and unique perspectives? You may. But Jim offers a possible way to decide what you should give away. Read his post for a simple three-step plan to evaluate your future actions.

On a related note, old-media stalwart, Jeff Jarvis struggles (very successfully!) on the future of content:

So don’t own the content. Help people make and find and remake and recommend and save the content they want. Don’t own the distribution. Gain the trust of the people to help them use whatever distribution and medium they like to find what they want.

He’ll definitely tweak your mind with his post “Who wants to own content?


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