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'05 CMS predictions

Irish Content Management Wunderkind, Gerry McGovern, continues to hit the nail on the head. His top 10 predictions for web content management in 2005

are very stimulating. The two that I think are the most critical:

3. Websites will get simpler as complexity is hidden, and a set of straightforward choices are presented to the impatient scan reader.

9. Website design will continue to standardize. As websites focus more on navigation, the principle of reducing uncertainty and increasing familiarity will become more important.

Both of these points show the intricate relationship between content and usability. These rely on wise execution of user experience principles.

And amen to his last point!

10. Things won’t change dramatically in 2005. The Web has begun to mature, and certainly when it comes to text-based content, it will be about getting the basics right.


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