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The FIRST Big Thing

I previously posted about The NEXT Big Thing, which was the subject of a seminar I taught recently at Gospelcom and the San Diego Nonprofit Technology Enterprise Network Conference.

I was pointed to an exceptional, related article by Kevin Kelly at Wired called “We Are the Web” – an exceptional, historical view of the massive shifts taking place on the Internet. I highly recommend reading it.

But…in his look back, I was struck deeply by this:

The scope of the Web today is hard to fathom. The total number of Web pages, including those that are dynamically created upon request and document files available through links, exceeds 600 billion. That’s 100 pages per person alive.

How could we create so much, so fast, so well? In fewer than 4,000 days, we have encoded half a trillion versions of our collective story and put them in front of 1 billion people, or one-sixth of the world’s population. That remarkable achievement was not in anyone’s 10-year plan.

The accretion of tiny marvels can numb us to the arrival of the stupendous.


I mean, really. What an accomplishment, and in such an UNconcerted way.

Let that seep in a while, as you reflect on the ways you can use the Internet better to impact the lives of others.


  1. Hey Mike, I’ve been following your blog and it’s helped me shape some thoughts on Web 2.0, etc. I’d be interested in your comments on this post I made last week:
    rob    Friday, October 7, 2005    #
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