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The Next Big Thing

One of the seminars I did at this weekend’s Internet conference in Chicago was on “The Next Big Thing.” With no hint of hyperbole, I told folks that, of all the seminars I’ve done at this conference over the last 10 years, this was the most important.

What I talked about represents a massive paradigm shift that will affect every organization on the Internet. This’ll take place over the next couple of years, and it’s wise to be prepared.

The beginning of this seminar came after I posted on this blog about the BusinessWeek article “The Power of Us” – or the issue of Mass Collaboration. (I really liked what Jeff Veen called it this weekend: “The Culture of Generosity.”) Brian Melles at Gospelcom contacted me and asked me to do a seminar on that topic. Great idea!

As the conference came closer, I realized I really also needed to address Web 2.0. As I started reading more and compiling the research, I realized they are intricately intertwined. So much of the developments of 2.0 are facilitating mass collaboration.

Here are a few links to great info on Web 2.0:

Blogs that focus either completely or mostly on Web 2.0:

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