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Off to Chicago

In the morning I fly to Chicago (and, boy, will my arms be tired) rim shot

It’s the 10th annual Members Conference. Since my former employer, Youth Specialties, was a charter member, I’ve been to every one of these conferences. I’m one sick puppy.

Anyway, I’m excited to be presenting a couple of new seminars:

The Next Big Thing: There has been a long string of “The Next Big Thing”s on the Internet. But this one is important because it’s organic, not manufactured. BusinessWeek called it “The Power of Us”; others are calling it Web 2.0 – namely, the power of the Internet being unleashed more effectively for the benefit of individuals and community. We’ll look at specific examples, discuss ways it affects your ministry, and brainstorm on ways your online efforts can embrace it.

Maximizing Your Website for Increased Revenues, Loyalty, and Traffic: Whether your website is performing well or not, it could always use a little extra oomph to better advance your organization’s goals and objectives. Mike will cover many effective ways to move your site to maximum strategic performance. This seminar is for anyone involved with their organization’s website – from management, marketing, techies, IT, and more – at any skill level.

I’ll also be part of two roundtables:

One with Steve Mulder and Jeff Veen, which will probably focus on the impact of Web 2.0.

Working with Contractors: How can you work with a third-party to help your online ministry? Whether you’re thinking of a complete redesign, outsourcing your technical work, or updating some content – if you might work with a consultant or contractor this year or in the distant future this session will help you prepare. This round table discussion features many of the consultants participating in our contractors fair on Friday and Saturday.

If you happen to be there, please look me up!


  1. I’ll be there!
    rob    Tuesday, September 13, 2005    #
  2. “The next big thing” was a great session! Where can I download the slides?
    Else Tennessen    Monday, September 19, 2005    #
  3. You can get it here
    mike    Monday, September 19, 2005    #
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