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Naff emails

I don’t even know what “naff” means, but I just LOVE the word now.

Here’s how I ran across it: uneekNet just launched a new blog for Zondervan Publishing Company. It’s a blog for the two authors of the new book (ready?) Everything You Want to Know about the Bible – Well, Maybe Not Everything, But Enough to Get You Started.

Since the authors had never blogged before, we needed a simple, easy interface for them. We chose WordPress. I had been using it for a group blog I’m part of. And the text formatting features are very easy. Then we tied the blog design into the look of the book.

I sent the authors (one in Australia and one in the UK) full instructions on how to use it and they are off and running! Their posts are insightful and engaging, and SO funny! What great senses of humor.

That’s where “naff” comes in.

Peter (the Brit) posted the greatest slam on stupid, forwarded emails I’ve seen. (And I’ve seen a bunch of them! Slams, that is.) He titled it “Naff Emails.” (I did finally look up the meaning of “naff.”)

Also check out his first post ever on the blog. Fun stuff…


  1. Mike- that’s awesome. I read the post from Peter and “laffed” all the way through. Can’t wait for their book.

    Why is it that Brits and Aussies can get away with saying things “crapulous emails” while a Yank would be slammed for using naughty words?

    Thanks for a sweet chuckle at the end of the day.
    Jim Seybert    Friday, August 26, 2005    #
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