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I offer below links to excellent blog posts and articles I read this week:

Marketing has a marketing problem : Seth Godin
Exceptional short read on the image problem marketing has today, and a distillation of just what effective marketing is. Yummy stuff!

Prove the value of your content with numbers : Gerry McGovern
The increasing importance of web managers and content editors to prove their worth to upper management by quantifying the increased effectiveness or responsiveness they create.

Every Byte Counts : Larisa Thomason
Does the size of a web page really matter anymore? Thomason lays out many reasons why it does.

Writing Better Web Page Titles : Michael Nguyen
The best basic article on the critical importance of great page titles. This is a must read.

Fix the Holes! : Bryan Eisenberg
Exceptional case made on why search engine optimization has to work hand-in-hand with website usability, content, design, etc. (And this is why I won’t work with potential clients who want me to just do an SEO project for their site.)


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