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Analysis of a redesign

My latest entry in the “Improving Your Church Website” series is called “A Church Website Redesign in Real Life.

It’s about the redesign project for my church’s website. The site is now over a month old and it’s wearing well so far. People (staff and parishoners) like it and haven’t had any bad usability issues with it.

I really wish we could upgrade the design, though. It’s so flat. But so much of that is putting it in a system like Truewell’s – which is great for churches, but there’s just so much they can offer in design control.

Also, there have been some hot discussions on numerous blogs over Michael Boyink’s stimulating post Church Webmasters – Stop Working for Free. For the record, when my pastor heard I was going to start my own Internet agency last year, he said, “I want to be one of your first clients.” Of course, they didn’t pay my normal market rates, but they wanted this to be a professional job that they invested in. Refreshing, eh?


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