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The Customer Experience

I enjoy reading the Good Experience newsletter. Mark Hurst has been very helpful over the years in encouraging user/customer centricity. His column today, About the Good Experience Worldview, is an exceptional summary of this mindset. I recommend you read the whole column (very short), but here’s a great excerpt:

It’s a single idea, one that I call “customer experience” and can be described in any number of ways. Focus on the other person’s needs. Listen to customers. Be open to data that comes from the outside. Create a good experience for someone other than yourself. See the pattern? It takes a certain mindset – that of empathy – to do this work.

I was meeting with a consulting customer last week and reminded them (as I do most customers) of how they surf the web (although who “surfs” anymore?!). Too often those of us creating sites don’t even remember how we muddle and scan through websites. We expect more of our site visitors than we do of ourselves.

Of course, that’s because we have our minds set as to how they will react to our site, what they’ll do, how they’ll behave on the site. Good luck with that. If only we could control each other so easily.

This Customer Experience mindset will lead to a site more suited to meet your users needs. Period.

And…it kinds sounds like an ancient teaching, eh?


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