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Cool new search engine

Seth Godin pimped a new search engine that’s in beta right now. It’s called Exalead. (Okay, sometimes I’m dense with word plays. Anyone get what that means?)

I really like the results interface. Very clean, sectionalized, intuitive. Cool, but mostly unnecessary, homepage screenshot with each result.

Of course you can click on the title of the site to go there, but if you click in the rest of the real estate that the result is in, you get a preview window at the bottom of the screen. I like that. Not totally sure why yet, though.

Really like the left column relevancy choices. Plus simple ways to search for certain file types (doc, xls, etc.), audio, video. (Not images yet, though.) :(

It’s definitely in beta and will improve. And there are Googlefreaks and those who only want the stripped down, minimal interface who will never try this. But give it a try and see what you think. I’d like to know…

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  1. Hi, Mike,

    Could the term be “excellent”+ “lead”?

    Incidentally, thanks for the Peters Word file. I plucked and linked it.

    Regards, The blogger known as Dilys
    dilys    Friday, May 27, 2005    #
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