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Seth Godin commented today on the new Jupiter study showing that Net users regularly delete their browser’s cookies.

Pshaw! says he. (and me)

In the last 10 years, so many of my battles have been against staff and freelancers to remind them that the average Joe does not understand or use the Net like we do.

As Godin said, “Let’s do a reality check here. This is the same population that can’t get rid of pop ups, repeatedly falls for phishing of their Paypal and eBay accounts, still uses Internet Explorer, buys stuff from spammers, doesn’t know what RSS is and sends me notes every day that say, ‘what’s a blog?’”

Of course, the usual answer is that “people are stupid” – an easy thing for most geeks to say, since they are typically off the charts in intelligence.

However, people aren’t stupid, they’re ignorant (“Lacking education or knowledge; Unaware or uninformed” – thanks Mr. Webster). There’s a big difference between stupidity and ignorance.

Most people are just too danged busy to spend the time to learn how to use the Internet more effectively and efficiently. It just won’t happen (at least on a large-scale basis).

SOOOO…that means we have to develop for them. They don’t have time for us and they probably don’t even care about us. They are only interested if our website will meet a need of theirs. Period.

Now…if you do want to talk about those of lesser-intelligence, than check out Jakob Nielsen’s report today on Lower Literacy Users.


  1. What’s a blog? Just kidding.
    Phillip Harrington    Friday, March 18, 2005    #
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