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The decline of brands

Wired magazine ran a piece last fall called The Decline of Brands. It’s a great wake-up call for anyone in business – for- & non-profits.

The premise is that, even though more and more brands are thrust upon us every day, Americans are becoming less loyal to them…or as the author says, “Welcome to the What Have You Done for Me Lately? economy.”

This is a massive paradigm shift for many people, especially in the marketing sphere. They spend so much time on building a brand, but not enough on keeping the company on the cutting edge to support the brand.

I think it was Seth Godin’s Purple Cow book that proposed that marketing folks should be an integral part of product development. I agree. And not just for the sake of product development, but also because it will provide a balance for the marketing people to understand more appropriate ways to build their brand than dropping 2 mil on a Super Bowl commercial.

“When companies can’t count on their reputations to carry them through, they’re forced to innovate to stay alive.”


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