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Tabs changed my life

Yes, I made the switch to Firefox, about a year ago.

With so many techies around me – ya know, the bleeding edge kind (is there another?) – I finally left IEland to join the Land of Tabs.

Now, understand that I was a Netscape guy from day 1 and for many years after. I finally gave in to IE when it had been over a year and a half without an update from NS. Now, onstat says IE numbers are going down and FF is going up (close to 5%).

Firefox is an excellent browser. Stable. Secure. Feature rich. And worth the whole shootin’ match because of tabs.

Suggestion: I learned this the hard way when FF released v1. I upgraded and lost all the cool extensions I’d installed (which weren’t written yet for v1). I had to go back to .8 and reinstall. yuck

All that to bring you to the reason for this post: If you’re considering the switch, check out this cool site that talks about why you should.


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