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The ultimate social network!

Got this email from McNair Wilson, a very talented humorist, actor, director from the Bay Area. I just had to pass it along:

I want to launch a new community for people who hate MySpace, linkedin, facebook, etc.

Maybe I’ll call it: iWan2B-A-lone
(I know…too long, but you get the idea)

So, someone wants to find you on the web? The sole purpose of this new social network is to connect that person with your simple reply (that you pre-select) to express just how much iWan2B-A-lone:

1. Do Not Call This Number EVER Again

2. Do I Know You? I Don’t THINK so!

3. Be Gone.. and your little dog, too!

4. List?! I don’t want no stinking list.

5. Get out of MyFace!

6. Discontinuated

7. You do NOT want to do this.

8. Try me again and CSI will be busy for months!

9. You have me confused with someone who likes you.

10. Go away.

11. Automatic response. No information available on this person (at this time). Your search inquiry has been intercepted. You have been forwarded to:

12. This site is under demolition.

13. Go Google yourself, Sparky.

Simply go to iWan2B-A-lone, enter a person’s name and you’re given the pre-selected answer from the list above! Simple.

There is NO WAY for people to connect with, leave a message for, or respond to you in any way. This is the ultimate dead end.

Just an idea at this point. If anyone reading this develops such a site, send me half your earnings, cash, unmarked bills.

NO CALLS, please…iWan2B-A-lone



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