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The Vomit Approach

Do you ever come across sites where you can just imagine a team of developers wringing their hands at how much stuff they have on their site? I call this the Vomit Approach to content management – just throw it all up there! (Entering the confessional: I have been guilty of this…)

Gerry McGovern’s newest column (Achieving greater simplicity involves managing increasing complexity) says it well:

“…we’ll drown people in a swimming pool-full of choices and useless information, when all they want is a cup of water.”

Why don’t we typically do this well? Cuz it’s hard!! Duh.

Now put on your seatbelts for his closing statement:

“As the world becomes more complex, your time will increasingly be spent deciding what not to show people. To give people a simple world, your world as a manager will become increasingly complex. Don’t ask about what people need. Find out what they don’t need.” (Emphasis mine.)

Now, say this outloud to yourself three times: “I love simplicity. Simplicity is hard.”


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