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More evidences of The Shift

This is the kind of innovation that’s making the Net more and more a part of the fabric of our lives – this college kid has created an IM system for restaurants to take orders from. Cool.

• Reminds me of another great idea…Netflix. Read this article this week on the founder and how it came about.

This amazing video is a great visual of how The Shift on the web is affecting content. This reminds me of the quote from Associated Press CEO Tom Curley:

… content will be more important than its container in this next phase [of the Web]… Killer apps, such as search, RSS and video-capture software such as TiVo – to name just a few – have begun to unlock content from any vessel we try to put it in.


  1. Yes, that is a very cool video. It is interesting to see where technology has connected people in so many ways. Do a search on YouTube for Say It’s Possible. It’s a girl who got famous by her music just from YouTube.

    Thanks for the info, web 2.0 rocks!
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