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Just for grins

Topher IMd me a coupla funny things yesterday. It was a great distraction for a pretty overwhelming day of work. So…on to you now:

Useless Account: Here’s a brill idea from a kid in Australia. He launched it a few days ago with this mission: To create a useless account where the only feature is editing your account…”Change your password 1000 times a day for free!” That’s the kind of empty inspiration that keeps us in Webland sane (and he’ll probably get a job at Google out of it).

White & Nerdy: I hadn’t seen this Weird Al music video before but I was, as it says, ROTFLOL. Classic.

Hey! I resemble that!


  1. I love the White & Nerdy song and video…even had it as my ringtone for a while!
    Greg    Thursday, February 8, 2007    #
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