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Usability Checklist

There are just so many details to cover when making a website usable to the widest group of people.

I recently came across the ultimate webdesign usability checklist. It’s fairly exhaustive. Of course, no checklist can include everything and some of this stuff may not apply to your particular site.

Here’s a smattering…

  • Did you use plain text instead of images for important content?
  • Did you make brief and precise paragraphs with explanatory titles?
  • Did you make sure that all your links work?
  • Did you make your website also viewable on low resolutions?
  • [for forms] Did you make sure that users can fill in the entire form using the TAB key?
  • Did you make a contact form instead of just an email link?

But it’s a great guide – another voice, so to speak – for your production process.


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