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New teen hangout?

just hangin'

Malt shops, roller rinks, malls…they’ve all had their moments in the teen universe as popular hangouts.

So, tell me exactly when the Apple Store became a hangout?!

And a hangout for pre-pubescent girls, no less? Every one of which was on their MySpace, except for the gaggle of girls huddling around one Mac with a webcam.

I guess I’m showing my age by expressing my surprise at this development.

Now, I realize that this was an Apple Store in an Orange County mall – and everything is so chichi in the OC. But I’m still blown away…


  1. Try going to a very poor area of the world and going to an Apple store within days of your return. That can be stomach churning.
    gregshore    Wednesday, October 4, 2006    #
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