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Doc Searls is an Ear Turner

Searls is a Linux god to some, a coauthor of the Cluetrain Manifesto, and an exceptional thinker about the nature of the Internet.

Earlier this month Linux Journal published his article “Turning the world I-side out.” I highly recommend this read, as it takes his Cluetrain Clarion Call (“Markets are conversations”) to the next level:

In the past we understood market growth largely in terms of “consumer choice” among silo’d competitors. Virtual motto: May the best jail win. In the future we’ll understand market growth in terms of conversations and relationships — because markets will increasingly reward companies, and customers, who make the most of both. Virtual motto: May the best relationships win.

He takes the concept of CRM and turns it on its ear, proposing instead CoRM, Company Relationship Management. CRM is what companies do to customers. CoRM is that customers do to companies.

Some great stuff to chew on…


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