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Maximizing your website

For the ninth straight year, I spoke at Gospelcon, the Internet ministry conference of Gospel Communications Network in Chicago last week. (My eleventh straight year attending.)

I love speaking there because the folks who attend are typically a sponge. These organizations are usually small non-profits, with little resources, and will take any help they can get – even mine. ;^)

I was part of a panel on blogging, plus I did my seminar on Web 2.0 (read about it from last year’s conference).

The other seminar I conducted was “Maximizing Your Website for Increased Revenues, Loyalty, and Traffic.” There were over 75 attendees in the session (out of 150 total attendees at the conference), so there was great energy.

Here’s a great summary of the seminar from the Gospelcon blog.

And here’s a podcast interview with me, which they conducted a coupla months ago.

After conferences I typically post a page with the PowerPoint and a PDF of the presentation, with links and a book recommendation. Usually I only make it available to attendees, but here it is if you’re interested…


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