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About Us rox!

My confession…I am a bit OCD about the About Us section.

For a coupla reasons:

  • For many it is the first and only introduction they will get to your organization. As my homepage says, “You only get one chance to make a great first impression.”
  • The best way to build loyalty with your customers/constituents is to make their lives easier. A website can do that by making the stuff they need easy to find. Many folks need contact info, a list of board members, a way to figure out what staff member to contact, etc. Why do so many organizations make this stuff either hard to find or, worse, non-existent?

The About Us section on a website should be:

  • full of vital info
  • conversational
  • easy to navigate
  • able to communicate your org’s personality

Here’s a small list of possible content:

  • good, succinct summary of the org
  • history
  • contact info
  • maps/directions
  • staff
  • board
  • values/mission/vision/faith statements
  • press clippings
  • media room (for the press)
  • founder info
  • FAQ
  • facility tour
  • annual report
  • job info/openings
  • privacy policy
  • personal/family info

That’s a quickie list – I know I missed some. (Post more in comments…)

Oh, and don’t call this section “Who We Are.” “About Us” has become the web standard. When someone sees that title, they immediately know what’s in there. Whereas “Who We Are” may cause folks to think. (Hint: That’s bad.)

What prompted me to write about this is an exceptional article on the About Us section over at A List Apart. Good read.


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