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All hail Krug!

My whole world changed back in the mid-90’s when I met (figuratively) Jakob Nielsen and a bit later Steve Krug. For some reason I resonated with their clarion calls for simplicity and standards.

In my opinion, of the two Krug had the most impact, as he was able to take these principles and communicate them in one of the best books in the Internet world: Don’t Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability. The book is six years old (the second edition came out last year) but it’s still having an impact (it’s #514 on Amazon today – pretty impressive!).

When people first hear that title, they usually giggle. But that is the crux of usability – the creation of an interface that is so simple and familiar that the user easily glides through the experience without even thinking.

This book brought that possibility to the masses, with short sections of punchy, fun writing, great illustrations and graphics, and easy-to-understand explanations.

I recommend this book in all my seminars. I’ve had past attendees tell me that they’ve not only read it themselves, but bought the book for others in their office, especially their CEO. It makes a significant impact on non-techies.

All this to say that I recently came across an interview with Krug done earlier this year at Marketing Sherpa. They have both the transcript and a podcast of the interview available. Well worth the read.

And there are a lot more goodies on his site (unfortunately not a blog)…


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