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Blasting down email communications road blocks

As great as email is for reaching customers or constituents, there are so many hazards in this world! If it’s not deliverability problems, then it’s spam complaints, and so many other speed bumps.

One of the troublesome areas is how to deal with preview panes or blocked images.

I’m working with a company that was creating their email marketing campaigns with all graphics. The problem is that many email services (gmail, Hotmail, AOL, etc.) and email apps (Outlook, etc.) block images by default. That meant many of their recipients were not seeing any messages in their emails. ack

So we did two things:

  • Added a link to a webpage version of the email. Now almost 10% of the recipients click that.
  • More importantly, we made the headline in HTML, with a link in text. Now 20-25% of recipients click that link, and everyone sees the headline.

There are three articles that I think offer some great direction in dealing with these issues. Check ‘em out:


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