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Learn from these Email Masters

The first ever Email Marketing Awards were announced a couple weeks ago in Chicago. I was actually there—not because I was a recipient! heh

MarketingSherpa, the sponsor of the Awards, presented them at the first ever Email Summit, of which I was an attendee. They bussed us to the House of Blues downtown with lots of free food and drink. Yay! (Hoobastank played a free concert upstairs, so I snuck up for a tune – definitely more energy there than at the ceremony…sorry Anne.)

While awards are a dime a dozen and are usually designed to promote the awarding organization, these have a lot more credibility, since the judging was not based on how pretty the submission was, but how effective it was. The applicants had to provide response numbers along with the creative. Three cheers!

Sherpa has posted the award winners, along with judge’s comments, applicant’s descriptions, and samples. ANYONE can learn from these exceptional marketing and newsletter samples, whether you’re a for-profit or not.

My fave is Best Consumer Newsletter gold award winner: Vanguard. So nice, in look and layout.


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