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Mike attended Christian Heritage College and San Diego State University, with emphases in speech and communications.

He has attended numerous educational opportunities over the years, including:

  • Folio magazine publishing conventions; 1982 in New York City & 1983 in San Francisco
  • Leadership Network Technology Learning Adventure 1998, San Jose
  • Internet World 1999, New York City
  • User Experience World Tour 2000, Seattle (Jakob Nielsen)
  • Leadership Network Technology Learning Adventure 2000, Las Vegas
  • The Elements of User Experience 2001, Chicago (Adaptive Path)
  • User Interface 9 Conference 2001, San Francisco (User Interface Engineering)
  • UIE Roadshow 2002: The Secret Design Strategies of Highly Effective Web Sites, San Diego (User Interface Engineering)
  • Internet Marketing Best Practices Briefing 2004, San Diego (Web Marketing Today)
  • Content Management System Seminar 2005 (Adaptive Path)
  • Gospelcom Members Conference, multiple years/cities
  • Christian Management Convention, multiple years/cities
  • Evangelical Press Association conference, multiple years/cities