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These are the people who have made a significant impact on my philosophy and methods in regards to the Internet and business (not that I buy into everything they say completely, but they make me think...a lot):

Seth Godin :: blog :: books :: site
I've been following Godin since his Permission Marketing days at Yahoo years ago. He's since broken out of the webosphere into the larger marketing world.

Mark Hunt :: blog :: newsletter :: site
Hunt is the only usability guy I know of with a distinct orientation to ecommerce. While most people call it "user experience," he calls it "customer experience."

Gerry McGovern :: newsletter :: site
While McGovern is thee Online Content Guru, he is mostly my Simplicity Soul Brother. Most of the user experience folks are about simplicity, but no one preaches it like McGovern.

Jakob Nielsen :: books :: newsletter :: site
The Usability Guru, doing it before anyone on the web. He's now a bit out of vogue for the trendsters, but he still disseminates excellent information that will make you think.

Tom Peters :: blog/site :: books :: newsletter
Peters has been around a long time in the business publishing world, but I'm a relatively new disciple. During a time of transition, a good friend recommended his book The Brand You, and it changed my whole paradigm.

Jared Spool :: newlsetter/site
Spool heads up User Interface Engineering, a testing lab in the Northeast. While much of what he writes about is exceptional, I've particularly taken to his approach to scent trails. Great stuff.

Jeff Veen :: blog :: books :: newsletter :: site
I've been reading Jeff's stuff for years and have heard him speak numerous times. He comes from a distinctly San Francisco, hip, literate vibe toward user experience. He and his partners at Adaptive Path produce some of the headiest, most thoughtful stuff in the field today.